Research & Testing

   Introducing the world’s first hi-tech CoolVisions®; patented SiShield 500® technology; and Tourma® (patent-pending) recovery medical products. Antimicrobial AND anti-viral properties!

SiShield® Quaternary Infused Agent

• Antimicrobial agent effective against bacteria and viruses
• Deodorizes by killing microorganisms that cause offensive odors
• Eliminates 99.9% of Staphylococcus Aureus
• Kills / Eliminates / Removes / Destroys Avian Influenza A (H5N1)
• Kills / Eliminates / Removes / Destroys Fungi

Tourma® Infusion

• Increased cell repair
• Reduced oxidative stress
• Elevated nitric oxide
• Delayed onset of fatigue
• Reduced inflammation
• Pain relief
• Increased blood flow
• Less insulin resistance
• Improved sleep
• Reduced depression and anxiety

CoolVisions® Hi-Tech Fabrics

• Ultra-warm, ultra-light, and ultra-dry
• Inherently Cottony Soft
• Lightweight and Comfortable
• Wicking and Fast Drying
• Durable
• Breathable
• Thermal Insulating
• Thermal Temperature Regulating
• Stain-Resistant
• Environmentally Friendly

When combined with the CoolVisions® hi-tech fabric, here is why TheMaskMate™ protects:

• SiShield’s SiS500® is an EPA Registered product (EPA#-75174-2), antimicrobial and anti-viral. This product can be used in numerous settings: hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools, and now TheMaskMate™.
• SiShield’s patented core technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone (SiQAC) compounds as the antimicrobial / anti-viral agents.
• Cutting-edge, antimicrobial / anti-viral research and development of products used to modify almost any surface on a molecular level, rendering those surfaces free from odor-causing microbial contamination. These antimicrobial products have a unique ability to inhibit the growth of odor-causing single-cell microorganisms and they provide antimicrobial protection for six months or longer against harmful gram positive and gram negative odor-causing bacteria, algae, yeast, mildew, viruses, and a broad spectrum of other microorganisms.

Mode of Action and Function:

• Silane Base – The first section of the long chain molecule is a silane base, which enables the antimicrobial to anchor securely onto the substrate. A covalent bond is formed slowly through hydrolysis reactions, providing long-lasting and sometimes permanent antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of single cell microorganisms.
• Positively Charged Nitrogen – The second section of the long chain molecule is a bolt of electricity that finishes off any speared bug that survives the sword. A positively charged atom of nitrogen writes the bug’s epitaph. The negatively charged membranes of some microbes will be magnetically drawn to their demise. This mechanical kill negates the need for toxic chemicals.
• Long Molecular Carbon Chain – The third section of the long chain molecule is the blade that initially comes into contact with the offending microbes. This acts like a sword that punctures the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Tourmaline absorbs body heat and energy, then recycles that heat into the form of far infrared energy.
This is called thermal-photonic conversion.

Tourmaline crystals are a semi-precious nano-particle mineral and is among the most intricate of all minerals. The health benefits of tourmaline have been well documented. The Three Energies of Tourmaline are:

Energy #1 Far Infrared (FIR) - Body heat from wearing a face mask is converted into far infrared energy. This occurs on the surface of the tourmaline. The smaller the particle size, the greater amount of far infrared is produced per gram of tourmaline. We use the tiniest particles which can be manufactured today. Those particles are about 30 - 50 nanometers in diameter. FIR increases mitochondrial function and can accelerate healing.

Energy #2 Kinetic - Negative Ions are generated by tourmaline when it is in contact with kinetic energy. This can be from air passing through a face mask. Negative ions will increase blood flow and encourage higher blood oxygen levels. Negative ions also scavenge free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. In addition, negative ions increase serotonin production, and improve lung function (the last link).

Energy #3 A Pyroelectric Effect - A mild therapeutic flow of electrons are also produced by the tourmaline particles, with a rise or fall in temperature. Tourmaline particles generate an energy field, since they have a north pole (negative) and a south pole (positive). Everything from a bar magnet to the earth that has a north and south pole produces an energy field. Tourmaline is no exception. This energy may be the most powerful and beneficial of the three energies. Tourmaline generated energy fields are related to the Schumann Resonance, which is between the earth and the ionosphere. That resonance is 7.83Hz and is referred to as the earth’s “heartbeat” or “pulse”.


The highest quality design and construction; made with modern man’s most innovative fibers; yields the most uncommon performance brand in the world today. Most gear made in the USA.

Introducing the most revolutionary cotton rich performance apparel ever

For several decades now, every announcement that touts a new “Performance Apparel” has one thing in common ... it’s simply another version of polyester. The big brands do a great job of making them sound different, but they’re not. In addition, the collective claim of “Moisture Wicking Performance” is true, but it comes with a few costs. 1 - It doesn’t feel very good against the human body, and 2 - The wicking just doesn’t last.

Lost in the smoke and mirrors is an undeniable truth that cannot be ignored. For generations now, natural cotton is the most commonly preferred feel of apparel, leaving synthetics as the poor relations.

Ever since the infamous ‘leisure suit’ hit the market in the 1970’s, apparel engineers worldwide have searched for the Holy Grail: A blend of soft cotton and a renewable synthetic. The first hurdle was overcome when CoolVisions® finally accomplish-ed the ideal cotton/polypropylene fiber blend, but the quest was fully realized when they began to work with master engineer and ASA’s CEO, Jim Saar. The entire patented and proprietary journey took several years and millions of dollars in R&D to engineer the right weave and dyeable properties.

The result of all this hard work and money, is the truly revolutionary “Forces of Nature” gear. These products aren’t simply special ... they are changing the landscape of the performance products industry. Will they wick like polyester? Sure, but it goes WAY beyond that. These products are ‘thermal regulating’, so in most cases, it doesn’t require making you sweat first in order to draw the moisture away from your body (wicking). If you are cold, it makes you warm (not hot). If you are hot, it makes you cooler (not cold). Thermal Regulating!! But it doesn't stop there. We are so used to thinking ‘thicker’ means warmer, it’s hard to wrap your mind around this ... until you experience it firsthand: A thin Forces of Nature hoodie is just as warm as a thick one. In other words, if you’re a true adventurer, you know how every ounce you carry or wear, weighs against your endurance. With our products, your protection against the forces of nature could not be greater, while their weight could not be less. THAT is revolutionary!!!

We are pleased to announce the following results of rigorous tests run by independent, world class labs. They compared our Forces of Nature products against the biggest performance apparel brands, and as you can see, we tested as good or better, in each and every category.

How can our Forces of Nature gear compare so highly with the biggest brands?

  • CoolVisions® is the first spun yarn using 55% Cotton and 45% Polypropylene Fibers
  • CoolVisions® offers a cottony soft feel, with performance wicking properties
  • CoolVisions® has better chemical and stain resistance when compared to other fibers
  • CoolVisions® is much lighter, providing the ultimate performance with less weight
  • CoolVisions® has incredible thermal insulation properties
  • CoolVisions® does not require channels for moisture management
  • CoolVisions® is not adversely affected by fabric softeners
  • CoolVisions® has a high UV rating to help protect against the sun
  • CoolVisions® can be machine washed cold, so no need for dry cleaning
  • CoolVisions® dries very quickly, laid flat or tumble dried on low permanent press cycle