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Tony Corbisiero

Tony Corbisiero

Tony Corbisiero is our Vice President of Special Projects. This includes overseeing the vast majority of our contract manufacturing done in Los Angeles.

Tony is a true expert in manufacturing. This often conjures up the creation of some type of simple widget ... a mastery of prototypes that simply need some labor process or series of mechanics applied, before an endless number of widgets are being spit out into an ever growing mound. In the world of apparel, that type of simplicity is extremely rare.

The path to earning the moniker of 'expert' therefore, comes with a unique skill set. Part efficiency expert; part labor therapist; part machinery mechanic ... then add in equal parts of negotiator and financial wizard.

The real magic happens out of necessity. There's a trickle down effect of almost every sell cycle. In apparel, this often forces the manufacturer to meet near impossible deadlines set by people who know very little about apparel fabrication. While the deadline to deliver looms, the manufacturer is also being asked to cut costs. That creates a level of stress few people can withstand, yet it's where his experience shines the brightest.

Tony has been in the apparel business for more than four and a half decades. Like the other senior leaders of ASA, we’re not talking about a part time job at Johnny’s neighborhood shop. Growing up in the unforgiving Northeast, he cut his teeth in sales, but eventually earned the title of Vice President of Sales ... a title he held with several of the best known wholesalers in the world.

Rising in the ranks with any big box brand is neither easy or undeserved. You have to be tough as nails and know every detail of the business you represent. No one ever accused Tony of being the nicest guy in apparel, but no one can deny his extraordinary expertise.

As if selling tens of millions of garments wasn’t a big enough challenge, Tony found his ultimate passion in the fabrication process. From working with temperamental designers, through creating the patterns and samples, Tony had found his niche. The next obvious step, was a full transition into manufacturing and quality control. Once he got that opportunity, he applied it on a global scale, all the while seeking out the latest trends and cutting edge technologies.

It was during this globe trotting era that he met and began working with ASA’s CEO Jim Saar. All of the stars finally aligned, when Jim brought the revolutionary CoolVision® fibers into the ASA mix, then added a world class branding team to spearhead unbeatable apparel design, then tasked Tony with the responsibility to make as many of these innovative products as possible, right here in the USA.